2012 Hyundai Sonata Car Review

2012 Hyundai SonataWe have here is the all new sixth generation Hyundai Sonata midsize sedan, now I’m gonna tell you the next 23 minutes why this car, is a game changer for the segment, which includes such leaders as Honda accord Toyota Camry. And also, so not as available in 3 trim levels base GLS Bessie and top of the line limited. The base GLS with manual transmission actually comes in under $20000 the limited you see here tops out at $28000 if you get with the navigation pad. No one is very proud of their fuel economy throughout the day we’ve been seeing this 35 number that’s their fuel economy for the highway we were driving it all they appear in the hills of San Diego actually getting about 28 miles to the gallon which is still very impressive. The base engine is the 2.4 liter gas direct injection which produces 198 horsepower on the base model 200 on the SAT and limited. So I’m not only gonna tell you why I think this car is the best midsize sedan under $30000.

We’ll tell you why I think it’s called the bats ex wife car that’s right you have an ex wife you want her to bother you so be a good car to buy because you know it’s got a great Hyundai warranty 0 mile warranty is dependable survival it looks good you gotta check out the interior everything all the touch and feel the buttons everything’s just top notch this car doesn’t feel like a non luxury brand it feels more like a premium car even pseudo luxury car look at the styling clearomizer loop of Lexus ES maybe a little bit besides he sees our premium cars and that’s what you have here at a non premium price. Hyundai sonata headlight replacement – you can also see a wide range of washers on our website http://gaslightsalon.com/hyundai-sonata/headlights.html

So driving this vehicle today again we’ve driven it for about 200 miles in the hills of San Diego up and down freeway country roads it really drives great and you know what we don’t miss a V6 this 4 cylinder performs quite nicely giving benefit of tremendous fuel economy but you know what it’s got pretty good torque as well so to sum it up Hyundai has really raised the bar when you look at the other cars in the segment compare to this car I’m gonna tell you this or not is gonna stand head and shoulders above the rest and may not be perfect but you know what it’s more perfect than the rest.