2000 Honda CR-V Review

2000 Honda CR-VThe 2000 Honda CRV is one of the most popular small SUV on the market let’s take a look and see what keeps us near the top of the sales charts. Put simply the C. army is an extremely practical package it offers a very roomy and flexible interior. There’s a spacious driving position plus a tone telescope steering wheel. You get okay storage space to there’s 2 glove boxes and a little 14 tray table between the front seats. The controls are pretty easy to use radio climate controls feral up high big knobs and buttons easy to see. One annoyance though this radio can be a little awkward to use uses the same knob for tuning and volume you switch back and forth between the modes and there’s a separate power button that you might not expect. Space continues into the backseat there’s good legroom and generous foot room thanks to a flat floor.

The backseat also does a bunch of tricks one thing it does. Is it slide backwards and forwards that we can make a compromise between cargo room in rear seat legroom also the seat folds in 3 pieces that allows you to find the best balance between cargo room people room. To get maximum cargo space you tumble the seats out of the way. However once you do that the seats are still in here that takes up some space. There’s pretty good space in the back of the CRV one unique feature is this cargo shelf. Hides items down on the bottom when it’s covered you can also put up the 20 pounds on top of the shelf. If you want a whole big items.

We You just put the shelf on the bottom of the floor armies practical nature carries over to the driving experience. 0.4 liter 4 cylinder it provides adequate acceleration nothing less nothing more unlike a lot of other small SUVs in this class you can’t get an optional V6 Can’t get an optional turbo charger. Fuel economy is pretty good but there’s other competing small SUVs like the Toyota Rav 4 in the Subaru forester but do better. Handling is responsive unfairly after the quick steering has good weight and feedback emergency handling is safe and secure aided by standard electronic stability control.

The engine sound a smooth and refined but some road noise does create then unfortunately but the common Honda characteristic. Installed new Led 2000 Honda CRV headlight assembly. On the plus side the ride a steady composed now it’s definitely on the firm side but does soak up the bumps pretty well. Now it’s fairly easy to see out of the sea are to be true when you look to the back there’s a pretty thick roof pillar back there but to the front the sides first plenty of glass area in this wind chill roof pillar it’s relatively thin. So the Honda CRV offers a lot no it’s not the fastest or most fuel efficient smart should be on the market.