Fleet management systems.

Fleet management systemsWhen the first of the vehicles tracking systems (telematics) have appeared, most carriers exposed to them very low requirements. In those days there were only a few important aspects, which should conform to the system. The system allows carriers to monitor fuel consumption, to feel safer in the event of theft of the car, because it can be found on the data sent by the system. Today, these systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and in the future it will be even more necessary to carriers.

Previously, carriers were enough to know where their vehicle is. Today the situation is different. Today more and more important role for carriers acquires system functionality and additional features. With such systems, we are now able not only to control the fleet, but also to analyze the business processes, evaluate the temperature of the transported cargo, the vehicle speed, tire pressure. The system also allows you to communicate with the driver, refer to it the following route and so forth. As more sensors a system has, so better the information about the vehicle is.