Features of carwash.

Wash the car body is divided into the following stages:

  • using Karcher it is necessary to bring down the dust and dirt, and wash not only the body, but also to bring down the dirt from the bottom and out of the wings;
  • soap machine with washcloths by a mixture of water and car shampoo and give a little to stand up; especially you need to pay attention to the windows and headlights;
  • wash off the foam from the body and the car windows so that it does not remain;
  • final stage is drying.

Features of carwash.Drying the car rubberized napkins must be using, collecting water from the body and glass. With the help of a compressor it is necessary to blow the water out of the cracks and keyholes. It is necessary to pay attention to drying especially during the winter period. Quite often there are cases when the water is not completely removed from the keyhole and outdoor locks freeze.

Washing may also include car polishing. Polishing is selected depending on the purpose. If the body has deep scratches, then, of course, first you need to use an abrasive polish. If there is no scratches, such polish is not necessary.