BULB Replacement for Chevrolet Equinox Headlights

There is real quick arm I’m already in the process of replacing them balls on the front passenger side of the 2005 Chevrolet Equinox headlights. Well first of all in order to get to it you have to come up from that of the wheel well it’ll have. It had this cover. Here’s what you remove it you’re able to stick your hand in there all I’m a big guy I’m 6 to have pretty big hands and I’m not having too much trouble one thing I want to touch on real quick is that if you’re having a hard time. But rip what once you take out the old balding you bring the new one and if you’re having a hard time getting it go theme it and.

2005 equinox headlightWhat I found is that these little gasket here. Me sorry I’m only using one hand. So this little gasket that goes in here. This. Both times both I’ve ever you place a driver side. And both times it’s been staying in there so it stays up in there so you have to you know just reaching with your hand. Which into the little hole what we’re Sittin and I just got a pull on a it’ll come off and this goes to the old bull arm. I’m installing these.

Aftermarket HID’s which are really good arm I’ve had this before and it worked really well on same you don’t have to do any type of Altering. Same connection and it has its own gasket as you can see. So now I won’t have any hard time you do have to apply some pressure anyway when you’re feeding it in. But yeah it’s impossible if you have that other gasket. So if you guys have any questions sorry for the crappy article 2005 equinox headlight
just I was trying to find something on you too and there’s nothing arm. So if you guys have any questions just message me and I’ll be more than happy to help you. And just so you know the aftermarket Chevrolet Equinox headlights I got the hit labels.

They’re 50 Bucks a pair and they work for the H. 11. Age 11 from both fog and how late this is what they look like in game on eBay. There they work really well guys. I’m I’m real skeptical when I vice aftermarket stuff. Especially if it’s on a name brand. But these ones work really well and all I did was I put JDM G. one and they just put your vehicle and it’ll give you the Chevrolet Equinox light bulb. The correct labeled you need for your vehicle so again these ones work for both headlights and fog lights.