Fleet management systems.

When the first of the vehicles tracking systems (telematics) have appeared, most carriers exposed to them very low requirements. In those days there were only a few important aspects, which should conform to the system. The system allows carriers to monitor fuel consumption, to feel safer in the event of theft of the car, because […]

Features of carwash.

Wash the car body is divided into the following stages: using Karcher it is necessary to bring down the dust and dirt, and wash not only the body, but also to bring down the dirt from the bottom and out of the wings; soap machine with washcloths by a mixture of water and car shampoo […]

Seat belts.

Since the first attempts to introduce seat belts in cars it has been more than a century. They were the first passive safety device in the car and still remain the principal one. First, automakers have tried to use a two-point belts. They were of two kinds – the waist and shoulder. However, very often, […]